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Median salary

What do these numbers mean?

This data reflects the records supplied to The Texas Tribune by this public entity in response to a public information request. The median salary is calculated using all of the full-time salaries that the entity reports. Part-time salaries are not included in that calculation. An "N/A" means there are no full-time workers in that category and no median salaries were calculated.

Top Physical Therapist compensation in Phys Ther

Name Compensation
Karen Ann Gilley $51,744 (Annual compensation (on-call employee))
Whitney Louise Chapman $51,744 (Annual compensation (on-call employee))
Katie Dagenais $51,744 (Annual compensation (on-call employee))
Christina May Criminger $51,744 (Annual compensation (on-call employee))
Bansari Thakkar $51,744 (Annual compensation (on-call employee))
Diane Hovav $51,744 (Annual compensation (on-call employee))
Amy Lynne Boulton $51,744 (Annual compensation (on-call employee))
Kathy N. Tomasik $51,744 (Annual compensation (on-call employee))
Danielle Theresa Brown $51,744 (Annual compensation (on-call employee))
Bryan Diamante $51,031 (Annual compensation (on-call employee))

Gender breakdown

Female employees
Median female salary
Male employee
Median male salary

Ethnic breakdown

Employees by ethnicity

Caucasian 70.0% / 7 employees
Asian 20.0% / 2 employees
African American 10.0% / 1 employee

Salaries by ethnicity

Ethnicity Median salary
Caucasian N/A
African American N/A
Asian N/A

Length of employment

Employees by tenure

1 year or less 6 employees
1-10 years 4 employees

Salaries by tenure

Tenure Median salary
1 year or less N/A
1-10 years N/A


The Texas Tribune obtained this information under the Texas Public Information Act. This database presents information as the entities provide it, with the exception of aggregations and visualizations created by the Tribune. Have questions or concerns? Please take a look at commonly asked questions about the Government Salaries Explorer.