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Commonly Asked Questions

Why is my name listed on this website?

Your information is present in our database because it was provided to us by your employer. Because you are an employee of a public agency, the information we requested from your employer is available to the public. Anyone can obtain this information, and it was lawfully acquired and published by The Texas Tribune.

We do understand that this may be uncomfortable for you, but we believe an open and transparent government is a better government. To learn more about why we do this, please read this article by Tribune CEO Evan Smith.

As a matter of policy, we don't touch or modify the data in any way. If there is a reason you believe that your information should not be part of the public record, please contact your employer.

I saw [public employer] on this site before, but I'm not seeing it now. Why is this?

We're in the process of redesigning our salaries explorer — in the future, it will include fewer local governments and school systems. As part of this transition, we're removing some entities from the database. We're sorry that the data you’re looking for is affected by this change, and we encourage you to keep reading the rest of our Texas government and policy coverage at

The data we previously published is public, and Texas’ open records law allows anyone to request it. Here is the Texas Public Information Act request we send to the state agencies to help others with their own requests.

Why is [public employer] not listed on the site?

The salaries database is not comprehensive — there are thousands of public employers in the state, and we haven't requested data from all of them. We are not currently requesting data for new agencies.

How often is the database updated?

We update the database on a rolling basis because we have to request each public employer’s information individually. Typically we update agencies with the oldest data first. Here’s a list of all of the agencies in our database and the dates they were last updated.

When will [public employer] be updated?

It depends on a lot of factors, including when we asked for the data, how quickly we get the data and how easy it is to work with. We are regularly updating the database, so be sure to check back later.

Can I receive a copy of the database?

The raw data for every public agency in our database is available for download by clicking "download the data" on an agency's page under its name. There is no bulk download of all the data available at this time.

Here is the Texas Public Information Act request that we send to public employers to help others with their own requests.

Where can I find historic salary data?

We do not share previously published data for the state agencies in our salaries explorer. We don't request data on a regular timeline, so what we have gathered is inconsistent and not great for making comparisons over time. Entities should have copies of historic salary data, and you can ask for that information by making a Texas Public Information Act request.

I no longer work at [state agency]. Why is my information still listed on the website?

The next time we request and update the data for the public employer you used to work for, your name should disappear from the database. Every page lists the date the data was last updated to increase transparency.

Why is my salary information outdated?

Salary information on our site is a snapshot of that moment in time. If any information changes after we receive data, it will not be reflected on the site. Your salary will be updated the next time we receive information from your employer.

Information is inaccurate on the website. Can I get it fixed?

All data found in our salaries database is presented exactly as we receive it from the public employers — we don't modify it in any way. Sometimes discrepancies exist because an agency made staffing changes since our last request. If you believe the problem is due to another reason, you should tell the employer the information it has on file is incorrect. The next time we update the data from your agency, the database should match your employer's records.

My question was not answered here — is there a way to contact someone?

If you have a question or concern that was not addressed above, please contact us at


The Texas Tribune obtained this information under the Texas Public Information Act. This database presents information as the entities provide it, with the exception of aggregations and visualizations created by the Tribune. Have questions or concerns? Please take a look at commonly asked questions about the Government Salaries Explorer.